About me

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I’m Jess.  I’m a 33-year old woman struggling with alcohol abuse, based in Baltimore, MD.  I’m a former art student, a trained archivist, a grad school dropout, an amateur historian, and a chronic over-thinker.   Unrecovered is a blog about ongoing struggles with addiction and recovery.  It is not meant to diagnose any problems or conditions.  I am not a doctor or counselor, but merely a person who has struggled with alcohol abuse, and wants to further discourse about addiction treatment and recovery.

Unrecovered neither supports or opposes 12-step philosophy.  Personally, I have not found 12-step to be helpful, but I know many people who have.  If you are interested, I encourage you to check out a meeting.

The focus of this blog is on alcohol abuse, because that’s my drug of choice, but if you have suggestions and resources about other struggles with dependency, please contact me with suggestions and comments:

Unless stated otherwise, all illustrations on the site are drawn and copyrighted by myself.

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